“T Excellence” is a way of thinking and doing that differentiates us within our competitive environment and which represents an infinite source of added value for our clients. Own philosophy that we practice in the different areas of the company and in the different process stations.



The lightest tares of the market

Tare is the basis of profitability for our clients, and in Tisvol we are aware of it. Therefore we spent much of our resources to the development of lighter vehicles with maximum durability. Here are some examples:

- 25m3 vehicle from 4550kg.
- 40m3 vehicle from 4990kg.
- 55m3 vehicle from 5590kg.

European patent for our Coroa vehicle

Coroa is our premium vehicle which was launched in late 2013. Coroa is our best solution for transporting bulk goods, and it can only be manufactured by us as it is protected with European patent.

Collaboration with universities

Studies for testing, development and optimization of alloys used in the vehicles manufacture, in collaboration with Valencia University.

2-piece Chassis – DS1

Main crossbeams composed of two pieces and one weld bead, engineering developed jointly with the technical department of Alusuisse specialist in aluminum structures and manufacturer of world reference.

Chassis frame with joint reinforcements between the bridges and crossbeams, providing greater strength to the chassis assembly.

Own moulds

We develop all the necessary profiles to meet the needs of our clients. Over 50 own moulds for extruding different profiles.


Automated welding with CNC technology

Tisvol has achieved over 85% automation of the welding process in all its joints to obtain a maximum level of quality and a guarantee that the manual process cannot be sustained over time. Welding stations are automated with 3 or 5 axis robots equipped with the latest technology in CNC.

Traceability and documentary process

Since a new order is approved until the vehicle delivery, we made a documentary process which supports the manufacturing processes and quality of the vehicle that we provide to our clients. Thus we know all materials and suppliers of the parts that make the vehicle.

Painting process of the highest quality

We use primers with high power of fixation and acrylic polyurethane enamel, getting a fine finish to the eye and touch, getting a brightness of 95%.

We paint chassis and body separately, to better reach all places of difficult access.

We apply an average of 85 microns thickness.

We carry out continuous monitoring of brightness and thickness controls of layer applied with large number of measurements in chassis and bodies.

Strategic suppliers

Selection and maintenance of strategic suppliers is vital because of part of the success depends on them. Therefore, we selected them based on our own values: reliability, quality, durability, experience, international coverage and prestige.

Personalized delivery

In Tisvol we consider a finished vehicle when it is delivered to the client at our facilities in a personalized way. Our responsible for delivering carry out checks of levelling, tipping up and adaptability of the new vehicle to the tractor unit so that everything works properly. When the vehicle leaves our facilities it is "ready to work".

We explain to our clients the main characteristics of the vehicle taking into account all possible doubts of operation, and finally we give the maintenance manual, the documentation and certificates required.


Our commitment to solar energy is materialized in 15,000m² of solar panels placed on the roof of our facilities, which generate 90,000 kWh and 120,000 kWh monthly, enough to power more than 370 homes, while drastically we reduce the environmental impact.


Control of guaranteed quality of 52 endpoints

Before delivery, each vehicle is subject to a rigorous quality control by our engineers. They check the manufacturing sheet and verify general features, materials and components used. Then the pivot points are greased, the screws are tightened. We check the correct operation of the door, the tarpaulin, the bumper and the tipping up. It is checked that the pneumatic circuit has no air leaks and finally a visual control of all welds is done.

Highest quality of raw materials

We use the aluminum sheet of the highest quality. Raw materials that add, to the strength and aesthetics, a new differential value that makes it unique at all levels: the lightness. Overall, it is a material with excellent attributes and endless possibilities.

Seals of Quality

All vehicles are designed and manufactured to European standards and comply with the regulations of the European Community Directives.


Tisvol reliability is the key to our semitrailers are the most cost effective tool for your work.

Good vehicles aging will allow you not stop working for breakdowns.

Watertightness test

We offer to our clients the possibility of requesting a watertightness certificate of the vehicle to verify that there is no leakage of liquid, with particular attention to the points of greatest risk, such as doors and vehicle corners.

Salt spray test

We check the quality of our painting process and the junctions between metals of different galvanic pair, through annual corrosion strength tests in a salt spray (according to UNE-EN ISO 9227) with scale simulations of chassis and bodies (up to 1000 hours), with satisfactory results without painting defects (UNE 48258-2-ISO 4628-2:1982), and exceptional corrosion strength on the painted surface (UNE 48258-3 -ISO 4628-3:1982).


Wide variety of optional equipment

With more than 10,000 manufactured bodies, and our experience in customizing vehicles that it has brought us, we have a huge database of optional equipment.

Specialists in bulk transport solutions

Our 30 years of experience support us. This, together with our business development, has made us one of the main European leaders in vehicles for bulk transport.

Vehicle personalization

We can develop any customized solution adapted to the specific needs of each client. We do not work with standard; our vehicles are manufactured from scratch, once the order is made. Therefore each of our vehicles is different.