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Moving floor

In a short period of time, Tisvol has become a reference in moving floor. Their powerful know-how and innovative culture are the most responsible for pioneering vehicles which facilitate your work, incorporating to your tasks a high added value.

Custom Delivery

Quality in raw materials, processes, equipment and especially in produc

We work with the best workstations developed with the latest and most advanced technology. We make our T-Excellence quality control of 52 endpoints.

Custom Delivery

In Tisvol we consider a finished vehicle when it is delivered to the client at our facilities in a personalized way. Our responsible for delivering carry out checks of levelling, tipping up and adaptability of the new vehicle to the tractor unit so that everything works properly. When the vehicle leaves our facilities it is "ready to work.


Continuous investment in research and collaboration with universities and large companies and organizations throughout Europe such as Alusuisse, Swiss industrial group.

High profitability

Our vehicles reliability reduces the risk of breakdowns, improve efficiency to be the best tool. In addition our vehicles are of the highest rated in the used market. So, buying Tisvol you will have a higher value of repurchase.

Lighter tares of the market

Tare is the basis of profitability for our clients, and Tisvol are aware of it. Therefore we spent much of our resources to the development of lighter vehicles with maximum durability.