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The manufactured chassis by Tisvol are developed in a standard way or according to the specific requirements of each client. In any case, all of them are based on high quality raw materials and advanced technologies to provide flawless performance on all types of roads.

Delivery at destination
Direct communication

Quality in raw materials, processes, equipment and especially in product

We work with the best workstations developed with the latest and most advanced technology. We make our T-Excellence quality control of 52 endpoints.


Continuous investment in research and collaboration with universities and large companies and organizations throughout Europe such as Alusuisse, Swiss industrial group

Lighter tares of the market

Tare is the basis of profitability for our clients, and Tisvol are aware of it. Therefore we spent much of our resources to the development of lighter vehicles with maximum durability.

2-piece chassis

Maximum Strength: Main crossbeams composed of two pieces and one weld bead, engineering developed jointly with the technical department of Alusuisse specialist in aluminum structures and manufacturer of world reference. Chassis frame with joint reinforcements between the bridges and crossbeams, providing greater strength to the chassis assembly.

Delivery at destination and cost reduction for wholesale shipments

Chassis are sent directly to the client facilities. We offer the possibility to send several units at once and thus client can save on shipping costs.

direct communication with our engineering department

Client is free to customize the chassis, their direct contact with our technical department allows you to design the chassis according to your needs.