The rise of the duo-trailer: the smart way for companies to focus on efficiency and sustainability

It is exciting to see how companies are increasingly turning to these road giants to boost efficiency and reduce environmental impact. In this article, we explore the reasons behind this growing adoption, highlighting the benefits that are driving this commitment to the future of the industry.

These impressive assemblies of two trailers linked together by a dolly like a train carriage are revolutionizing the way logistics operations are carried out.

The power of capacity: more load, less travel

One of the main attractions of duo-trailer vehicles is their massive load capacity. These beasts of the road measure up to 31.70 meters and can carry up to 70 tones MMA (Maximum Authorized Mass), almost double the load capacity of a standard trailer. Imagine the potential and efficiency this represents for businesses. Fewer trips mean savings in time, resources and money. By making the most of duo-trailer capacity, companies can optimize their logistics operations and offer a faster, more efficient service to their customers. The power of capacity translates into tangible gains for everyone involved!

The winning equation: cost and emission reduction

When it comes to transporting goods, it’s not just about cargo, but also about environmental responsibility. This is where duo-trailer vehicles shine. By transporting a larger amount of cargo in a single trip, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are drastically reduced. This ecological benefit not only helps companies meet their commitment to sustainability, but can also be a differentiating factor in an increasingly environmentally conscious market. In addition, reduced operating costs translate into more competitive rates and higher profit margins for companies, propelling them towards success in a challenging business environment.

It is estimated that these duo-trailers can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 30% and logistics costs by 25%.


The future on the horizon: the road to duo-trailer expansion

As the demand for efficiency and sustainability in freight transport grows, the future of duo-trailer vehicles looks bright. While they still face challenges related to road infrastructure, regulations and legal restrictions, companies are keen to overcome these barriers to make the most of the benefits these giants offer. With a growing presence on Spanish roads, the expansion of duo-trailers is expected to be unstoppable in the coming years.

The administrative route: Authorisations for circulation with duo-trailers

Companies interested in using these duo-trailers on Spanish roads must submit a special authorisation application to the DGT and have an agreement with a university institution to receive approval for the transport route, as the circulation of these vehicles is still under study.

This permit will allow unlimited circulation as long as the holder notifies the DGT (General Direction of Traffic) of the journeys made and indicates the authorisation number, the distance of the journey, and the start and end date of the route.

In conclusion, does the future of road transport depend on the incorporation of these duo-trailer vehicles?

While vehicle load capacity is not the only challenge facing the transport world, duo-trailers represent a smart move for companies seeking greater efficiency and sustainability in road freight transport. Their massive loading capacity, combined with reduced costs and emissions, makes them an attractive option for boosting logistics operations, especially on fixed routes that require the movement of a large volume of goods.

Although they still face regulatory and administrative challenges, their presence on Spanish roads shows a clear indication of their growing relevance in the transport landscape. The future of the duo-trailer is full of opportunities and promise, offering a path towards more efficient and sustainable transport. Join the duo-trailer revolution and discover a new horizon of possibilities for your logistics company with TISVOL!