Maquina estirado de la chapa de aluminio para la construcción de un semirremolque basculante


We bring you advantages that you didn’t have until now.

How do we do it?

We incorporate cutting-edge technologies in the process of welding the floor of your semi-trailer. Before and during the welding of the ribs to the floor, the sheet metal is subjected to a stabilisation process by stretching and tensioning that has numerous advantages over other processes..

What do you get?

Increased durability of the tipper

The process means a considerable improvement over the lifetime of your Tisvol vehicle, increasing durability and avoiding deformations over time, offering you maximum profitability and benefit.

High mechanical resistance

The floor stabilisation process increases the mechanical strength of the aluminium. It directly increases the capacity to support an external load without breaking, considerably increasing the performance of our vehicle.

Increased elasticity

The elastic limit of the floor is increased and, consequently, the vehicle is able to give you a better service without permanent deformation.

Reduction of residual stresses

With this process, minimal residual stresses are obtained after welding, which cannot be achieved in any other way. In this way, the aluminium has more capacity to absorb impacts without reaching its limits.