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How to optimize the moving floor space to load pallets

24 January, 2015

At the next plan we can see what the best way to load pallets is, optimizing our moving floor space. If we do it this way we can load up to 33 pallets.



Each euro pallet is 1200 x 800 mm, if we load 15 rows of two pallets crosswise arranged and in the last row we arrange three pallets lengthwise we can load up to 33 pallets. Perhaps seeing this plan we can ask; why not load 11 rows of three pallets lengthwise, if the result would also be a load of 33 pallets?

The answer is because this would impede the correct loading and unloading of the pallets. Because of the moving floor slats position, if we place the pallets lengthwise, the boards below the pallets could match with the moving floor slats. Therefore the pallets would not advance properly or would not advance, and they would stay stagnant.

We put the last three pallets lengthwise because these are the only ones that do not need to move, with the moving floor slats, to load and unload. And that made space to load one more pallet in the last row.

We hope you will find this information useful in your daily operations.