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M – 35m3/45m3


M tipper with Coroa body is the lightest, safe and cost effective solution in its category. This new model has more useful width inside, greater stability, and a new front that combines the advantages of the 3 existing models.

This is the model with the lowest tare of the market, and there are two options; with ribbed body or smooth sides body. The smooth sides Coroa model allows combining your usual load with the transport of pallets.

Bulk and heavy grains


Fats and animal waste

Muds and semi liquid loads

Not recommended for this model

Bulk and light grains

Not recommended for this model


Not recommended for this model

Road work

Not recommended for this model

Sand and gravel

Not recommended for this model


Hybrid front

> Combination of the three existing fronts.
> Easy to download at inclined position
> Cylinder rests on the King-pin, who supports the efforts of tipping up. Thus we
avoid the excessive size of the chassis.
> Only for Coroa.

1Piece automatic door recessed

> Possibilities: Standard, side opening and smooth surface.
> One-piece door.
> Always has rubber seal.
> Is the watertight door, it is used to prevent load leakage.

Standard universal door with double leaf

> Possibilities: Double leaf with or without upper crossbar.
> Stronger lock.
> Upper crossbar removable from ground quickly and safely.

Standard universal door with one leaf

> Side opening.
> Without crossbar.
> Stronger lock.
> Possibility to open with locking bar or with bolt.

Coroa chassis

> Center of gravity 160mm lower than straight chassis with ribbed model.
> Only for Coroa vehicles

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