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Moving floor


Eco-T moving floor is designed for waste transport, offers maximum capacity, 100% watertight or semi-watertight configuration and it has an “off road” configuration for landfills and forest routes. Ask for our wide range of specialized optional for waste.



Urban waste

Wood waste

Not recommended for this model

Bulk and grains

Not recommended for this model


Combi door (Double leaf + upper crossbar)

> Double leaf + removable upper crossbar.
>Stronger lock
> Upper crossbar removable from ground quickly and safely.
> Standard door for Moving floor

Side opening (only one leaf)

> 1 leaf + fixed upper crossbar.
> Opening by locking bar.

Hydraulic opening

> It ascends and descends automatically.
> It is indicated, especially for waste transport.

Self-supporting chassis

> Higher load capacity
> Free internal height up to 2800mm.
>Standard Moving floor chassis in Europe.

Traditional chassis

> Solution for those loads that do not need máximum interior height.

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